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  • Brides Wearing Their Grandmothers' Gowns

    We are in love with this idea and hoping to see it becoming a trend, not only because we love everything vintage, but also we love the idea of reclaiming older beautiful things, and honoring our loved ones. 

    This is the story of two brides who decided to reclaim and wear their grandmathers' gowns in their own weddings. 

    Madison Kantzer's grandmother, Adel Schiff Greene, died in 1969 when Madison’s mother was just 14 years old. Although Madison never had the chance to meet her, she always admired the floor-length, beaded gown that once belonged to her grandmother. 

    When Madison said yes to her fiance Adam Hoffman, she knew she was going to wear the beautiful gown her grandmother wore at her son's bar mitzvah (Madison's uncle) in 1966 as the wedding gown for herself. 

    In the story, published in, Madison says she wished it was her grandmother's original wedding dress, but the family did not have that gown. However, she loved the gorgeous dress her mother kept 30 years, and knew this was the perfect dress for her to wear in her special day.

    Here is the original story with the photos of the couple and the dress.

    Idaho bride, Jordyn Cleverly, had tried many gowns to find her dream dress for her wedding, but she says none of them made her feel like a woman. When she was able to find a seamstress willing to take on the months-long job of restoring and modernizing her grandmother’s 1962 long-sleeve, lace wedding gown, everything fell into place.

    The dress almost ended up in a donation bin when Jordyn's grandmother, Penny Jensen, 74, called her son (Jordyn's father) and asked if he would like to keep it, otherwise she was planning of donating it to the Salvation Army. Luckily, Jordyn's father wanted to keep it.

    Jordyn kept the idea of restoring and wearing the gown a secret from her grandmother, until two days before her wedding day in Boise, Idaho. She secretly left the rehearsal dinner and put on the gown to surprise Penny during the photo shoot. Needless to say, the photo shoot was emotional and tear-filled.

    Read the original story with the photos and a beautiful video of the special moment from this link

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