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  • Tampon Safety Bill that Never Passed

    Before we all get excited, the bill to require tampon manufacturers to be independently tested did not pass. It was introduced by New York Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney to the Congress nine times, beginning in 1997. Unfortunately, it was stopped each time it came near to a vote. 

    The Bill's name was changed to 'Robin Danielson Feminine Hygiene Product Safety Act' after Robin's death from Toxic Shock Syndrome in 1998, a year after the first bill was introduced.

    FDA, the agency that is responsible from our health, does not require tampon manufacturers to be tested by independent testing organizations. There are no independent research that investigated the potential health impacts of long-term feminine hygiene product use. Any studies that have taken place was done through product manufacturers. Yes, you read this right, basically the industry regulates itself. Isn't it convenient? Oh, by the way, they aren't even required to release the results in full to the public. FDA does not require these manufacturers to disclose their ingredients either.

    When interviewed by the Rewire Magazine about the Bill, Mrs. Maloney said, “We need more dedicated and substantial research to address unanswered health concerns regarding the safety of feminine hygiene products. American women spend well over $2 billion per year on feminine hygiene products, and the average woman will use over 16,800 tampons and pads over the course of her lifetime. Despite this large investment and high usage, there has been limited research on the potential health risks these products may pose to women.”

    The bill would have required the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to allocate resources for independent research into the potential hazards posed by synthetic fibers and chemicals currently present in many of the feminine hygiene products on the market. It would also mandate research to confirm data submitted to the FDA by manufacturers. The results of all future independent studies would be submitted to Congress, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Consumer Product Safety Commission as well as the FDA. These findings would also be available to the public.[1]

    As we have reported before, there is research indicating that chemicals in the personal care products do disrupt hormones in teen girls. EPA claims that these chemicals are too small amount to harm our bodies, but the research shows otherwise. 

    This is one of many reasons we have decided to only sell all organic feminine hygiene products, and work with manufacturers that disclose all their ingredients. Aside from our health concerns, we had concerns about how the products were manufactured and disposed. All of our products are biodegradable, not tested on animals and ethically sourced. So, when you buy from us, you are not only purchasing products that are clearly safer and better for your health, but also not harming animals and our planet. Visit our website to learn more: The Selene

    Source: ‘Robin Danielson Act’ Would Mandate Independent Testing on Tampon Safety- Review Magazine

    Photo Credit: Johnny McClung 

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