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  • Tinder Hack Leads to Women Friendship App

    Dubliner, Elva Carri, utilized Tinder to find women friends to go out, leading to the creation of the GirlCrew; an app to find local women friends. 

    When freelance journalist Elva Carri could not find anyone to go out at a Friday night in 2014, she decided to change her gender option to 'male' in Tinder and posted a note saying she was looking for women friends to have fun. 

    Elva used this note as her Tinder ID to reach out to women. Much to her surprise, hundreds of women responded. When she realized that there were many women in her situation who were looking for girlfriends to simply go out for a drink, dancing or movies..etc., she decided to create a Facebook group for easier communication. And that group grew so big that it gave her the idea of creating an app to find women friends.

    The app, called the GirlCrew, which recently launched in the U.S., has 100,000 members worldwide. It has received support from prominent leaders in tech, including LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner.

    Co-founder and co-CEO of  the firm GirlCrew, Pamela Newenham says, "She -Elva- thought people would think she was crazy but did it anyway."

     Courtesy of GirlCrew: GirlCrew cofounders Elva Carri, Pamela Newenham and Aine Mulloy.

    GirlCrew founders Elva Carri, Pamela Newenham, and Aine Mulloy

    GirlCrew connects women with others in their own city for a whole range of activities, such as going out to nightclubs, or having brunch and going on holidays. The app also enables members to share knowledge and advice on a range of topics, from career tips to restaurant recommendations.

    Neweham adds, "We want no woman to ever feel alone. No matter where they are, they can join us and chat to other women for support, advice, tips (and more). We're all about supporting women. Our principle guideline as a company is one of respect, and that feeds into our community and the support we offer each other."

    You can use the app even if it is not launched in your city yet. To visit the website:

    Please note that is not affiliated with the GirlCrew. We just loved the story to share with you. 


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