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  • Why did Kiran Run the London Marathon without a Tampon?

    If you bleed at least 3 to 5 days of each month during your adult life, you will have menstrual mishaps. This is unavoidable. However, we need to work on eliminating the shame many societies impose on women for this most natural process. 

    When the Instagram deletes period photos but keeps the announcements of violent movies, or homicidal video games. When photo serious of menstrual issues considered 'not suitable' for Cosmopolitan Magazine. When Facebook deletes and bans period related photos or articles, we know even in 'modern' West periods are still considered a taboo subject. This stigma must be defeated. 

    It is because of this stigma women feel ashamed and horrified if we leak or even a tiny blood stain shows up on our clothes. This is what Kiran Gandhi did when she realized that her period came right before she was starting a long marathon. She explains why she made the decision to not stop. Excellent talk on periods, stigma and what we can do to change this for the women all over the world.

    Photo Credit: NBC News

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